FenderHooks are used to protect your yacht’s varnish, paint and polished areas, subjected to chafe caused from lines securing your yacht’s fendering systems. Investing in high quality, hand crafted, Fenderhooks designed for your vessel is our specialty.

We are committed to producing a quality crafted FenderHook that complements the vessel and facilitates the captains’ docking of the vessel. FenderHooks are as varied as the vessels they protect and each captain has experience that can be incorporated into a successful design taking into account the size of the vessel, the type of cruising/mooring that is anticipated, type of cap rail or railing system, and the number of crew.



The Finest Kind

FenderHooks are one kind of fender hook, “The Finest”. Some call them fender hooks or FenderHooks, fender holders, fender hangers, pelican hooks, fender saddles, and for the real ‘salts’ they’re called gripes.


Highest Quality

Made from high quality components along with the best craftsman.


Long Lasting

Up to a ten year limited warranty.

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FenderHooks In Action